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Using the latest technology and skilled cleaning technicians, Elite Rutland provides carpet cleaning services in Oakham, Uppingham, Stamford, Melton Mowbray and beyond.

Reinvigorating your carpets with professional carpet cleaning is a vital part of protecting your investment by keeping them clean and bright. Whilst the suction power of modern hoovers has improved, unfortunately enormous amounts of dirt and grime remain in the pile and build up over time. Foot traffic compresses the dirt and eventually erodes the pile causing irreversible damage. Regular carpet cleaning prevents this, keeping your carpets in tip top condition saving you money over the long term. Furthermore, Elite Rutland are specialists in end of tenancy cleaning for domestic properties throughout Rutland.

There are lots of carpet cleaning products in the supermarkets but many contain bleach or chemicals that damage and affect the stability of the colour in your carpet, leading to bleached patches and colour run. Unfortunately, a lot of professional carpet cleaners use similar products which gives an initial wow factor but soon fades. These products can be harmful to yourself, children, pets and the environment often causing allergic reactions, irritation and in some cases severe reactions such as breathing difficulties.

Elite Rutland only uses carpet cleaning chemicals which are water based and do not contain any aromatic solvents, bleaches, enzymes or phosphates. All are 100% biodegradable and derived from renewable sources making them suitable for use in any household.

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

Elite Rutland provides a thorough eight stage cleaning process including pre-inspection, PH and fibre testing, vacuuming, pre-treatment and stain treatment, agitation, extraction, setting the pile and optional carpet protection.

Our initial inspection of your carpet will check its suitability for cleaning and highlight any potential areas of concern, leaving you with informed expectations for the outcome. We couple a neutralising agent with the very latest machine to flush out the chemicals we have used in the cleaning process along with the dirt and grime, leaving your carpet clean, bright and safe for all the family to enjoy.

Drying times vary depending on the type and depth of the fibre used in your carpets. Elite Rutland has invested in the latest extraction machines which means we can use less water. Together with the highest suction rates and modern air movers, we will leave your carpet drier than most other professional carpet cleaners.

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carpet cleaning

PH and fibre testing

carpet cleaning

Pre-spray, agitation & extraction

carpet cleaning

Stain removal

carpet cleaning

Setting the pile

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